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Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are common.


Everyone who plays sport is susceptible to injury.

Physiotherapy supports you through the process of rehabilitation and can include liaising with team coach, teacher or choreographer.

By following sequential steps, you can return to sport, play and compete with confidence by:

Achieving pain free range of movement of any affected joints

Regaining muscle length, strength & endurance

Restoring movement patterns together with balance

You are able to improve your coordination and agility in performing sports specific activities

So, whether you are aiming to resume a regular gym class, return to team sport or complete that scheduled triathlon, effective physiotherapy has a place in your recovery.

The following are examples of sports persons presenting in clinic this season: basketball player, rock climber, ceroc dancer & golfer.

Each patient’s confidence grows as they gain an understanding of their condition. How to progressively strengthen and recruit muscles in appropriate movement patterns and apply this is in their sport. They quickly learn to self-manage and how best to avoid a recurrence of their problem.

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