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Adult population:

With over ten years' experience in private practice Jo’s case load is varied and her experience broad. This ranges from supporting individuals who are looking to regain a high level of fitness to those who are striving to return to day to day activities following planned surgery such as joint replacement surgery.

Sports injuries are common.

The following are examples of sports persons presenting in clinic this season: basketball player, rock climber, ceroc dancer and golfer.

Each patient’s confidence grows as they gain an understanding of their condition. They quickly learn how to self-manage and how best to avoid a recurrence of their problem. For example specific exercises to progressively strengthen and recruit muscles in appropriate movement patterns and how to apply these in their sport.

Elderly patients:

Maintaining independence is essential in this group of patients.

Ageing affects balance, muscle strength and bones – it’s the same for everyone!

Confidence can be reduced following a period of immobility or perhaps take a little longer to regain following joint replacement surgery.

Physiotherapy helps people stay active and recover from falls, illness and injury.

Treatment aims to help each patient keep moving with simple exercises for strength and balance. These are functional exercises that can be carried out with ease at home and include practical tips on falls prevention and how to get up from a fall.

Home Visits can be arranged.

Jo is a part of a team that includes specialist neurological physiotherapists ensuring patients are seen by a physiotherapist with the most relevant skills.

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